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Ask the Question
Before You Change
Your Life

Becoming L-lesbian, G-gay, B-bisexual, or

T-transgender is a major decision and lifestyle that shouldn't be taken lightly.Here we help those considering or those that have made the change ask the right questions. 

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All Ages have the ?



Hi, I'm Coach Crystal,

Family Life Coach

I'm a Mother of 7, Wife, Army Veteran, and Life Coach. Coaching on the topics of LGBT initially became important to me when my daughter came home from school and asked me a very important question. "Mom, how do you know if you're gay?"

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Poem: AM I


Captivated by pleasure.

Hypnotized by all the lies. 

A feeling of belonging.

Trying to answer all the why’s.

The lost of innocences from abuse. 

Leaving the feeling of no use. 

Self doubt plays in the back of the mind.

Scared and confused, and running all the time. 

Fighting the truth, not understanding the consequences of seeing it through.

Discomfort lingers close near the mind. 

The sex feels good, but I’m not blind.

This doesn’t feel right.

“Why must this be so confusing?” 

Never satisfied so I started using.

My friend didn’t make it, but I’m still trying.

Under the radar I lay too scared of dying.

Never finding out the real answer to.  

Is my Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Transgender true?

Those who go forth, end up with regret.

And those who ask questions, get their needs met.

                                                   by, Jada Peterson

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